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Company Incorporation

Procedures for establishing a company in Japan with foreign capital


The first issue is deciding whether to incorporate as a stock company or as a limited liability comp ...

last will and testament


Drafting Wills for Foreign Nationals in Japan


When a foreign national dies leaving assets in Japan but no will, the inheritance procedures can be ...


real estate

To Overseas Investors Considering Japanese Real Estate Investment

2018/2/15    ,

Structure of Japanese Real Estate Transactions The first step in buying real estate in Japan is find ...

real estate

retirement planning

Estate Planning-Lifetime Gifts

Advice to: A Japanese-American residing in the U.S. wishes to make a gift of Japanese real estate to ...



What You Should Know About the Ins and Outs of Inheritance Procedures for Foreign Spouses of Japanese


What procedures are normally involved in inheritance in Japan? Generally when a person dies in Japan ...

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