【For individuals】Information about how to get financial assistance for people affected by coronavirus


Due to the spread of coronavirus, the state of emergency has been declared nationwide. Many people a ...


Updates about Japanese Government Measures COVID-19 for Concerned Businesses and Individuals


New Series About COVID-19 (New Coronavirus)—Updates about Japanese Government Measures COVID-19 for ...

export used cars

Company Incorporation

Key Points when Starting a Business to Export Used Japanese Cars


So, you want to export and sell inexpensive, Japanese used cars. I understand that you need to get a ...

used car

Company Incorporation

Starting a Business Involving Used Goods Requires  a Secondhand Dealer License


Do you want to buy used cars in Japan for export to foreign countries? Do you want to buy used anime ...


Company Incorporation

Can you open a corporate bank account right after setting up a company in Japan?


When we talk with foreign nationals who are contemplating setting up a company in Japan, we are ofte ...


Points to keep in mind when a foreign student sets up a company in Japan and changes to a business management visa


Kobe Legal Partners provides legal advice each year to the many foreign students, including universi ...

passport visa


Procedures for Applications for Issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility


Typically, getting a “Certificate of Eligibility” is often the first step when a company or family m ...

Business manager


Visas for Those Engaged in Managing a Company (Business Manager Visa)


Background For a foreign national to manage a company in Japan, that person must first get a busines ...

real estate sales

real estate

How to sell real estate in Japan that is owned by people living overseas


Does this sound like you? You want to sell real estate located in Japan that you inherited but do no ...

sales real estate


Case Study: Sale of Inherited Real Estate in Japan and Overseas Remittance of Sales Proceeds

Background We received the following inquiry from a client living overseas. An individual owning rea ...

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