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Company Incorporation

Differences between Stock Companies and Limited Liability Companies


  Stock Companies
(Kabushiki Kaisha)
Limited Liability Company
(Godo Kaisha)
License tax for registration 150,000 Japanese yen 60,000 Japanese yen
Certification of Articles of Incorporation Certification by notary public is required Certification by notary public is not required (Only electronic signature of a shihoshoshi-lawyer is sufficient)
Investors and managers Managers and investors can be the same person, or can be different person Investor=manager
What investors are called Shareholder Member
What a representative is called Representative director Representative member
Term of directors 2 years as a general rule; Companies with restrictions on share transfer can decide freely within 10 years  No term
Public notice of settlement of accounts Required Not required
Decision-making body for important decisions General meeting of shareholders General meeting of members
Public confidence High Lower than stock company
Selection criteria based on scale of company A stock company is optimal for growing the company and attracting many investors Limited liability companies are optimal for management by a family or a limited number of people

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